Bolærnebåten as 


Qualtiy and Safety

Quality is people. The well trained and motivated crew will make sure you get a safe and pleasant boat trip with us.

In our comapny we do not have passengeres, we have guests. That is our mantra, and this is how you should be cared for.

Looking forward to seeing you onboard one of our five passenger vessels.

Best regards

Hans Skaar / owner

East and West

In the eastern part of Norway, we service the Faerder Lighthouse and the Svenner Lighthouse.

The lighthouses are by nature at the outer scerries, so we have accepted that the weather decides the agenda.

On the west coast, close to Bergen, we service the Høgsfjord ferry crossing, the gateway to the famous Preikestolen hike. We are also serving the Lysøen island with the castle built  by the first Norwegian pop star, the violin player Ole Bull. The boat to Lysøen is the first, fully electrical passenger catamaran in Norway, and the 10 minutes crossing in complete silence is an attraction in its own.